Learning outcome: Interdependence of living and Non-living things by sharing resources in order to survive

The geckos visited a farm in Velimala village where they saw different species of domesticated cattle like cows, bulls, and ox. They were enlightened about the roles of these animals in the farming activities like ploughing fields, threshing the crops, and carrying heavy loads. Most importantly, it was fascinating to see how the animals responded to the non-verbal signals taught by the teamster, which was reinforced by a whip or a thin long pole. This, in fact, enabled them to discern how ‘living organisms’ respond and interact in their respective ecosystem as humans do.

Their learning was further enhanced by understanding the importance of cow dung, which was previously looked upon with disgust. They learnt cow dung to be a marvellous source of green energy and how it acts as a fertiliser and biogas.  Besides all, the lushly green surrounding, along with a tinge of cow dung’s aroma, helped them experience the nature and relate it to their inquiry. It was a joyful and exciting day for the geckos.


Some photos: