We live in an overbearing digital world. Accessing information of all kinds sitting at home is possible today; reading books online is more comfortable and convenient. A field trip to the library in this scenario may seem not so useful for a few. People may think libraries have no future! What we need to realise here is that libraries could foresee their bleak future well in advance and they quickly got evolved on time to stay congruous with people’s needs! Now libraries are the widest digitalised platform for gathering information! Providing an opportunity for students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to access library resources, now may seem sensible, and The Gaudium School arranged recently a field trip for the students of Grade VI and VII CAIE  to the British Council .

The events organized by the British Council team were a seminar – with all the students and teachers. An extensive visit to the library after that. The ‘event, ‘treasure hunt’ for the students thereafter and finally rewarding the winners. In the seminar, the importance of a library was explained to the geckos. If children can be inspired by the excitement knowledge can give, and gathers good imagination skills at an early age, they are likely to have wholesome intellectual and personality development. It is possible that children can also encourage parents to make use of the library by taking the membership of the British Council. The seminar gave us a message that young people who experience difficulty in learning to read should have access to a library as it would supply appropriate reading material throughout their lives, both for enriching and enhancing their contribution to society.

Now, with the advent of the Internet, the retrieval of information has become easy and it’s not always a necessity to run to libraries to acquire information. But modern libraries with their digital services have become the paramount of information on various subject fields. Modules of learning English along with the content of Cambridge Examination is available in the online portal of British Council: http.//learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/. After taking the membership of British Council, online library facility can be accessed where approximately 4 lakhs books are available.

The geckos enjoyed their field trip and we all carried along with us great knowledge about the functions and importance of books and libraries in our life!


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