Orientation Programmes for parents are conducted at the start of an academic year, at schools, to provide parents with an overview of the academic and non-academic curricula and activities for the year. For the IBDP segment of The Gaudium, a Parent Orientation Programme was conducted on 6 July. The programme received its first cohort of supporters!

The objective of the session was to help parents familiarize with the requirements of the Diploma Programme, introduce to them the school policies, to set expectations and help them equip for it.

All parents wish to meet up and know about teachers of their children. These meet-ups facilitate easy identification, more than that, establish a connect between teachers and parents, Understanding this as very important for teamwork, all the subject teachers were introduced to the parents in the programme.

The session gave the teaching faculty a fantastic opportunity not only to meet up with all the parents on the same platform but also to share some light moments. The parents shared their feedback on the Pre-IBDP course and 100% of the parents expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the school and the impressive teacher profile.

This Parent Orientation programme will surely ensure a smooth journey together as a team, for the progress of the geckos.


Some pictures: