A Walk Through History

Field Trips are educational trips. They can give students live experiences of what is learnt in the class or show evidence for what was discussed. Visiting places that speak volumes about the glorious past of a country is usually connected with the subject, History. Famous sprawling palaces, temples that exhibit exquisite and typical ancient architectural elegance, courts, minars and monumental tombs – all these structures that are preserved, are additional knowledge supplements for chapters in History.

On Tuesday, 16 July 2019, the CBSE students of Grades 6,7 & 8 gained additional knowledge going on a field trip to visit the Qutub Shahi Tombs. They were keen to learn more about the history of Hyderabad. We,  left the school campus by 9:30am and what the spot gave us was an unforgettable experience of gathering information.

This collection of 17 tombs is worth a visit, which were built during the reign of the Qutub Shahi dynasty in the 16th and 17th centuries. These royal tombs and mosques are grouped together, and are on a land that is surrounded by landscaped park. Located in the heart of Hyderabad, these tombs are a famous landmark in the city. Lying two kilometres away from Golconda fort, the tombs can be seen from the top of the fort.

The geckos were on an expedition to find out the significance of monuments in historical interpretation. They were to imagine themselves as young historians and interpret their observations.

The Qutub Shahi Tombs along with Golconda Fort are the epitome of the architectural heritage of Deccan and Hyderabad. The geckos were keen to know more about the story behind each tomb and asked several questions to the guide. They were also able to see some of the structures in despair, especially the tomb of the last king which was half-built and the others that have been transformed after the restoration work done on them. They also realised that historical structures are legacy given by our ancestors which must be saved but not plundered. They were so patient in their hearing and depicted a picture of perfect gentlemen in behaviour.

The geckos were amazed to see the domed structures, terraced gardens, intricate parapets and exquisite ornamentation. They embraced the history behind Hyderabad. The splendid artistry and sprawling gardens, the countless tombs of the last standing royals of Golconda grabbed the attention of the geckos. The domes have intricate carvings with lotus petal-like designs and minarets that flanked them at corners. The geckos were astonished to find beautiful artwork designs adorning the roofs and interior walls and arches of the tombs. The environment was evocative of the reign of the Qutub Shahi rulers which the geckos could easily see through.

The geckos came back equipped with a deeper knowledge of the reign of the Qutub Shahi dynasty and the mesmerising artwork and architectural designs of the tombs. Their hearts were filled with a sense of pride and honour. After lunch we had to visit the Haatiyan Jhaad but as the road which led to it was under construction, we could not make it. It was compensated by giving the geckos sometime to play which they enjoyed the most.


Some highlights: