Learning beyond the classroom has always been part of children’s knowledge acquisition at The Gaudium School. The geckos of Grade10 – CBSE and IGCSE had a unique opportunity to visit the prestigious UN organization, The International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics ( ICRISAT), Hyderabad on 14 June 2019.

The session started with an introduction about ICRISAT and its avant-garde research and development programmes taken up to improve food production around the world. On arrival, the geckos were given a session was by Dr. Sharma, a renowned scientist of the organisation. The geckos were shown a video about “Watershed Management” which depicted the way a village called Kothapalli has overcome its incessant drought conditions with the involvement of scientists from ICRISAT. Going further, Dr. Sharma took the geckos on a field trip to observe various strategies applied by ICRISAT to improve the yield of plants such as millet and rice. He explained about various factors which have to be considered and measured with utmost accuracy to get the best yield from the crops. The students were pleasantly surprised to hear that farmers of our country are now utilizing the various modern technologies to check soil and land suitability, crop improvement and water harvesting. It was quite an exciting trip and the students gained first-hand knowledge of the functioning of the sustainable farming models.

Some pics: