The Gaudium School is providing an opportunity to the Geckos from secondary wing classes 9, 10, 11 CBSE, IGCSE and IB curricula to take part in the much coveted Oxford Model United Nations which is run by the current and past students of Oxford University which strives to foster a constructive forum of open dialogue around international relations. To state the benefits of the MUN sessions were conducted for parents as well as the students on 15 June and 17 June respectively, by the organizers of the event. The benefits of taking part in Oxford Model United Nations was explained which includes the knowledge about MUN, development of skills and critical thinking which help them in taking initiative beyond the classroom through extracurricular activities and how help them seeking admissions into their dream colleges and universities within India and abroad thus making it a great opportunity for the geckos. The session included the complete registration process along with procuring the visa and other follow up formalities. Also they were informed that the agents from the organizing committee will be providing professional training for the kids. The orientation sessions were conducted for clarifying their doubts regarding the entire process of MUN.

Some highlights: