The Gaudium school is committed to deliver quality education to its students. A minimum of 270 hours of mandatory training for teachers is provided at the start of the academic year to equip them with the tools of effective delivery. More than that, in today’s changing world of rapidly-emerging technologies, professional development sessions enable teachers with new skills and also motivate them to hone and improve and perfect the already acquired skills. With the required skill sets, striving towards the subject-matter mastery becomes rather effortless for the teachers. This naturally paves way for producing a variety of positive outcomes in their personal and professional life. Keeping this as the objective, a three-day in-school IB workshop was held at The Gaudium.The workshop leader was Marc Mesich, the Founding Director and Principal of Osaka YMCA International High School, who brought in a wide range of experience to the sessions that span across five countries including Canada, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, India and Japan. The objective of the workshop was to explore the aims of the DP core and the role it plays within DP as a whole.

The workshop helped the teachers to understand the aims, history and philosophy of the DP core as well as its three core elements: Theory of Knowledge (TOK)); The Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, activity, service (CAS). Other than this, it also encouraged the teachers to explore different models of delivery of the DP core practised by schools. This  workshop aimed at making the teachers ready to lead the curriculum!


Some moments: