Our field trip to Shilparaamam helped geckos to have a broader vision of range of art and architectural works within historical and cultural contexts.  This trip also gave an opportunity for them to develop their skills in visual observation and do analysis that employ the basic research methods of art history.  This also helped them to learn fundamentals of drawing or design understanding of art materials and techniques to their art history studies.  Their research skills developed when they began examining work of art and architecture in the original.   They started and learnt to appreciate relationships between concepts and developments in the field of art in comparision with the modern art.

While at the museum, our geckos observed the way colour is used in different works of art, how artists use colour to express their emotions, and the way various cultures use and interpret colour.

Our geckos understood that visual art and imagery require an artistic view and thinking in ways that they need to develop consciously.  They began to describe works objectively and interpret works of art from a range of historical periods, respectful of each culture, in both oral and written analysis.  Geckos were able to apply classroom discussion of art to approach unfamiliar art intelligently and objectively.  Geckos gained understanding of how art is made and hone their ability to look at a variety of work and make unbiased aesthetic and critical judgments. They got aptitude to apply learned skills of observation and build confidence in their own ability to assess works of art.


Some highlights: