Our little champs grow within a blink of our eyes. As elders we want our children to excel in almost all the streams. We send them to reputed schools, dance classes, gym, music classes…… and the list goes on. We try to give them the best education of all. But have you ever thought of one of the most important education that you have to provide to your tots in their preteen age? The answer to this question may perplex you. Yes, it is the “sex education “. Sex education deserves an equal or a higher position in our child’s growing stage.

We are  of course concerned about the sexual development of our kid, but when it comes to the matter of providing sex education to your kids there arise many questions such as what to speak, why to speak, how to speak etc. We feel embarrassed while approaching our kids with this topic and this stops us from discussing these matters.  But do remember that this embarrassment may lead your child to various stories and myths about sex. They may seek the help of unauthorized resources; they may indulge themselves into unhealthy peer group discussions. Real and genuine knowledge about sex is as important as any other basic needs. It can even enhance your kid’s moral values.

As we have already mentioned the questions like what, when, why and how to deal with this topic will baffle you at first. The answers of these questions should be managed with an ease but with a lot of care. Preteen is the age when puberty begins in your child. The rate of changes that happens may vary from one to another, but every kid enters into the stage of puberty during this preteen period. Incomplete information about a notion is as dangerous as complete ignorance, so when you are talking about sex education to your tots, make sure that you don’t give them bits and pieces. Vague and partial knowledge about their sexual developments and sex will lead them to have unnecessary anxieties and curiosities.

Understanding the different stages of sexual development of your child is the first step to start with sex education. Once you start noticing your kid’s sexual developments and manners you can frame the answers to the questions such as what, why, when, and how with the help of authentic sources if you need. Most of the children will have many questions related to sex such as doubts about their birth, genital differences that they posses with their opposite sex etc. The kids will not ask you all these questions because most of them feel uncomfortable in asking such questions. The best thing that you can do as a parent is to create favorable and comfortable situations between you and your kid so that you can have an open discussion on this topic. If you are not being able to create such situations then try not to miss the chances where your tots themselves coins their doubts related to this. Don’t hesitate to answer their questions and don’t get alarmed about your child’s eagerness to know about sex. Instead answer their questions wisely and take that situation to the next level where you can discuss the topic with more seriousness. Try to make comfortable arenas where your child can disclose their doubts regarding this. Don’t think that your child is showing more anxiousness about sex. This is very normal. Even you had gone through such situations. Open-up the discussions on sex. Talk about their body parts, different functions that they carry, genital organs, personal safety measures etc. if you don’t know about some concepts regarding this topic; refer to various sources like good books or sites along with your child. Make sure that those sources are appropriate for your child’s age. If you find your kid being reluctant to talk these matters directly with you, provide them with good books, films, and websites which help them to solve their queries. Try to be with them when they are making use of those sources so that they feel comfortable in sharing these issues with their trusted adults.

Most of the kids start walking into their puberty by the age of 8-10. So it is fine to introduce the topic ‘sex’ to your tots at these ages. It is not necessary that only mothers can talk these matters to their kids. Let both of you sit and talk with your kids irrespective of your and their gender.

Even schools have a great role in giving proper sex education to the young buds. So it is very essential for you to enquire about sexual education programs that your kid’s schools take up. So you can educate your kid about sex along with their school. This would help your kids to be more open and confident enough about the importance of sex in everyone’s life. Thus it reduces the chances of having misconceptions about sex at their very young age. So sex education is not something you should hide or keep it aside from your kid. It has an important role in shaping your child’s attitude, behavior, values etc.