PP2 geckos are learning about different structures and buildings.They identified the topic and the requirement of a structure. To enhance their  understanding of structure and the material required, geckos went on a field trip  to construction site at Kollur campus. They observed different buildings under construction like, admin office, amphitheatre and principal block. They displayed their curiosity by asking lot of questions on the material used for the construction.  They witness the process of concrete making where they understood the components of concrete are robo sand, river sand, chip stones, cement and water. They observed the JCR trucks and saw the process of loading and unloading of materials. Later they reflected their learning and illustrated the highlight of the trip. They displayed their understanding of the trip through what I saw and what I know table. They demonstrated profile and attitude acquired during the field trip. They became an Inquired and discussed what make a building strong. They went deep into the topic and discussed the properties of materials.

It was a very informative trip where geckos learnt a lot through personal observations.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: