Our cities are crammed with more cars and bike riders than ever. The DIY activity for the month enables our Geckos to be more self-reliant in future rather than to wait and seek road side assistance. We taught our Geckos to change tiers of a car in case they get stranded due to flat tire. Geckos went to the EICHER workshop to check out the inside job of how the professionals replace tiers and do the maintenance of  the HMV (heavy motor vehicles) like that of the trucks and buses. The workshop showed them the regular maintenance services that come up often to the mechanic workshop.  Similarly we also took them to the nearby auto body garage that fix flat tires and do the regular maintenance of LMV (Light motor vehicles). It was the first time that had seen a jack that is used to lift the car off the ground. They were given hand tools like wrench, spanners to break the lug nuts and to loosen the bolts.  Geckos had firsthand experience with hydraulic jack that was used at the EICER and auto body garage to raise the vehicle. They learnt the concept of Hydraulics as machinery and tools that use liquid fluid power to do simple work.  They understood that this job of changing tiers requires an individual to have technical qualifications.  They were surprised to find that big automobile manufacturers requires ITI candidates to work on putting the pieces of cars/trucks together and they are equally important as mechanical engineers that work on designing.

Facilitator: Mrs. Archana


Some highlights: