The Farmer’s Market at the Gaudium began as a unique DIY initiative to educate our kids to a healthy and sustainable urban livable environment. We are faced with several food challenges like urbanization that is acquiring fertile lands to build more industrial and concrete jungles, adverse climatic conditions to grow food, adulterated and plastic food products etc. In such a world, the primary aim of education should be to ensure that the children grow into individuals who are independent in every aspect. The Farmer’s Market is an event that has evolved over the years to make the students creators, organizers and managers so that they get a taste of independence in handling situations.

This year, the event served as a platform for the students to showcase their skills and creativity. The DIY stall had artefacts such as coasters, photo frames and other decorative and functional items made by the students with eco friendly resources with minimal wastage. There were also food stalls selling a variety of food ranging from juice and salad to chat and milkshakes. The students took on the role of entrepreneurs with such ease and enjoyed selling their products to the parents. Apart from these, there were music, dance and theatre performances which gave the guests the right blend of entertainment and awareness. The street play about conservation of water took the audience to a dystopian world where water is a limited and commercialized resource.

The event was a huge success in terms of the number of participants and guests and the sales. The event has always been a fundraiser and like every year, this year’s profits will also be used for the betterment of the village that the school has adopted. The success of the event can be attributed to the fact that each participant gave their best because they knew that they were doing it for a noble purpose and it is this empathy that we wish to see growing in our children.


Some highlights: