Title: Farmers Market

Participants: Teachers/Students/Parents/Staff

Date 11th Nov 2017

Learing Objective: Life Skills

Workshop leaders: Students 

The Gaudium geckos organise an Integrated fund raising event ‘Farmers Market’ 

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

We at The Gaudium believe in making our kids the creators and sculptures of their own future, by learning the skills that makes you independent to face any situation. In our endeavour to do so we arrange various events for our kids to showcase and learn these life skills. One such yearly mega event that the Gaudium family celebrates together is ‘The Farmers Market’ where our geckos are the creators, the organisers, the managers, the entertainers and above all a wonderful host to their own parents and family members. Every year this event is gaining momentum encouraging our geckos to showcase their skills and creativity to make this donation drive event a success to raise funds for the underprivileged.

This mega event was organised on 11th November 17 at our Kollur Campus amidst the presence of the entire Gaudium Family and many guests who came to encourage our Geckos and contribute for this fundraiser. Our guests were enthralled to see our grade 3 to 9 geckos manage and market their respective stalls while serving everyone with a smile and greeting. While the grade 1 and 2 geckos entertained our guests by the Flash Mob routine, their energy was infectious and many of our guests joined and encouraged their spirit.

Highlights of the event were:

  • The musical band which kept the environment lively, where our geckos showcased their talent by playing different instruments and signing songs
  • Vegetable stalls where our geckos came dressed as farmers and sold the vegetables, seeds and saplings replicating the market feel
  • Our creative stalls were a super hit where the geckos and facilitators displayed their DIY (do it yourself) articles which included – Jewellery, gift articles, decorative pieces, sculptures all made from waste. Encouraging everyone to utilise their resources wisely and creatively
  • No market place can be complete without food stalls where you would like to relish some delicious snacks after a long walk around, geckos made and served Sandwiches, Bakery items, Parathas, chaats, salads, juices, all our guests relished their favourite food
  • Variety of games kept the guests involved, bullock cart ride being the highlight, apart from being a refreshment, it created excitement amongst the kids adding the village zest

The culmination of 4 months efforts and planning was rewarding due to the active participation of every member who contributed and graced the event with their presence crowning the accomplishment of The Gaudium School.


Some highlights from the event: