Participants: Geckos of Grades 6 to 9

Date: 29th October 2017

Learning Objective: To take part in the Rootways Folk Dance Contest and showcase the true cultural spirit in the form of Dance art.

Facilitators: Mr. Nandan, Mrs. Deepthi Pulicherlla, and Mrs. Usha


Banyan Tree’s Root Folkways, with Tender Roots Academy of Performing Arts, has initiated the Folkways Dance Contest 2017, an inter-school folk-dance contest for children. The Folkways Dance Contest 2017 was an opportunity for young school children to explore Indian heritage through traditional folk forms while also having fun and being part of an international festival. The Gaudium’s Dance students from all grades 5 to 9 enthusiastically participated in the inter-school folkdance contest on 29th October at Ravindra Bharathi Main Auditorium. Our geckos from grade 5 and middle school performed to the Rhythmic moves of Bathukamma and gave a fusion folk performance to the enchanting tunes from Rajasthan, Tribal beats of Oddissi and musical Lavani. Our Geckos gave their best performance and learnt the traditional dance moves that require synchronization, whole body coordination and good team work.


Few videos of the event:

Some highlights: