At The Gaudium International School, we celebrated Language week in the month of March highlighting the significance of Languages like Hindi, Telugu, and French in the society. Language week was organized in our school for raising awareness among the children regarding the benefits of language and also to focus on linguistic diversity.

Highlights of the language week: Geckos learning languages such as Hindi, Telugu and French across each grade participated in the Language week.


Grade 1 children participated in presenting poems and then they had storytelling.

Grade 2 students presented various poems like Chuhiya rani bhadi sayani, Railgadi mera naam, Titli rani bhadi sayani, rim jim rim jim jalbarsa. Later, they presented the story of Lion and mouse.

Grade 3 Geckos presented poem hum nanhe nanhe bache hain, Aya prabhat, Kaun sikatha hai, and then they participated in comedy skit Pappu aur uskey saathi

Grade4 and 5 students presented Nukar Natak with the message to save water followed by a dance performance relating to Swatch Bharath. This dance performance had a clear message of “How to keep our country clean?” and “How to help our country to develop for a better future by saving water?”.


Grade 1 students presented various rhymes from text book such as Kanjara, Tabala, Ungaram, Uda, Chinnodu, Kakarakaya, Eetha, etc.

Grade 2 geckos presented Bathukamma song and dance. They also presented various rhymes such as Allo neredello, buja buja rekula maa bujjee, erra eraani bandi, chemma chekkaa, kaalaa gajjaa etc.

Grade3 children presented their language skills through theatre performance, songs and devotional prayers.

Grade 4 and 5 Geckos participated in a skit Pisinari papayya. It was amazing to see our Geckos grabbing the attention of the audience of different age groups through their message oriented comedy skit. The message given through the skit was “how to save our environment and in return how it will help us to live a peaceful and healthy life”.


Students learning French language presented various poems and other dialogues in French. In addition, they spoke about various topics such as Les saisons, les jours de la semaine, les mois de l’annee and then students also spoke about their professional aspirations in French.

Each Department put up a variety of cultural program where students showcased their Language skills through skits, songs, presentations and dance performance.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the celebration of languages!


Some pics: