Without laboratories, men of Science are soldiers without arms

The virtual platform has emerged to be the catalyst for innovation- cognize the science laboratory practical classes staying at home! The mode of virtual teaching and learning in this new normal age of the pandemic has not stopped our curious geckos from performing science experiments. The teachers and students at The Gaudium School have found new ways to answer the thriving curiosity!

The topic on solubility and density required practical demonstration to have an insight into how temperature affects the solubility of solute in a given solvent. The students confidently carried out a number of experiments ingraining in them a detailed understanding of the concept.

Through the activity, the geckos also gained an in-depth understanding of the concepts of miscible and immiscible liquids, soluble and insoluble substances. Furthermore, they formulated the hypothesis behind sinking and floating of a substance.

The little champions working through the virtual media with complete enthusiasm unanimously resounded the quote

The true laboratory is the mind, where behind illusions we uncover the laws of truth.

Some moments: