Children’s day is celebrated on November 14th by schools all over India to commemorate the first Prime Minister of India “ Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru”who was fond of children and roses. Schools celebrate the event by organizing several cultural programs to give importance to children and create a fun childhood memory.

Student Actions: Grade 3 student Chinmay gave an introductory speech at the assembly session to shed information on why ‘ Children’s Day’ is celebrated as a grand fiesta in schools all over India. They had a role model of Chacha Nehru at the assembly session. Teachers and students together participated in activities to mark the occasion. Students from all grades 1 to 7 participated in indoor games and teachers entertained students by conducting indoor games and dance show for the kids. The highlight of the event was a special guest ‘Mr. Funny’. Kids were eager to meet ‘Mr. Funny’ when he surprisingly popped out of a backpack and as his name goes he was funny person who kept our kids laughing with his fun act’s and jokes. This Mr. Funny was none other than a stage act of Ventriloquy that was performed by our own music teacher Mr. Sam.

Learning outcome: Students perceived the reason behind celebrating the national event “Children’s Day” as to why and how it came to be recognised by our country. It was a fun day to cherish.


Some highlights: