The geckos have used fruits and vegetables to create colourful prints of different parts of the plant. It was a terrific “Art and Craft” activity as the children were very excited to make flowers, trees and plants using cut vegetables and water colours.The creative printing was integrated with our POI topic “PLANTS”.

STUDENT ACTION: The geckos enjoyed printing with the cut vegetables and made the art and craft activity very colourful.They were inquiring about more vegetables and their shapes, they have also discussed their impressions on printing.

LEARNING OUTCOME: Children learnt to be creative and various possible ways of using vegetables. The geckos shared their opinions and gave more creative ideas as they were able to identify the shapes of different vegetables. They acquired knowledge on “How to do vegetable printing?” and they could relate and know the benefits of different parts of plant as this activity was integrated with the POI topic “PLANTS”.


EVENT COORDINATOR: Mrs. Pooja Kolambe and Mrs. Tehseen Sajjida.


Highlights of the event: