Geckos at The Gaudium School along with the school staff celebrated the children’s day on November 14; they remembered Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first prime minister and the love he had for all the children. The day started with lot of excitement where all the school children were dressed colorfully and eagerly waiting for the celebrations to start. To embrace this day the campus was well decorated with balloons and flowers. When the geckos entered the campus they were amazed to see the décor. To begin with we had special assembly where all the members of the school met.

Our beloved principal, Mr. Shanmugam Paramasivan, brought in a surprise for everyone on the campus by dressing up like “Chacha Nehru Ji” and roamed the campus to greet the children. Later he addressed the geckos and spoke about the importance of the children’s day and the important values one has to learn from this celebration.

It was that time of an hour to start our celebration. We kick started with the skit enacted by the teachers who put in their extra time to practice. The children were immersed while watching their teachers enact and were thrilled about the spectacular performance. Moving on few teachers gathered up to dedicate a special song. Along with the teachers geckos also articulated the song which was really a sight watching the whole campus sing for the same spirit.

The campus was buzzing with fun and frolic. While cheering the teachers who stepped forward to perform the songs, geckos were found really thrilled.  At the end all the students spilled on to the ground to dance their heart out. The whole show provided the geckos with a wonderful feast to commemorate the day .This day would really make it into the memories of The Gaudium School.


Few highlights: