“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” .

“The gift of giving”- To be part of the ‘Joy of Giving week’ during the enlightened time of Diwali, our Geckos very enthusiastically collected various useful items from home which were not in use and brought it to school to be given away as a part of the donation drive. They celebrated green ‘Diwali’ by donating old/new clothes, toys, rice; pulses, grocery items, utensils, stationary, books to the custodian staff on campus. Our geckos realized that doing things which pleases oneself makes only oneself happy but caring for others and sharing your joy with others gives the utmost happiness.

Our geckos truly delved into the depth of the glow of caring and sharing and emerged as better, more sensitive and more compassionate denizens of the world.