The Gaudium School hosted the grand Graduation Ceremony for its Class of 2020 on Saturday, 15th August 2020 virtually which was presented ‘live’ on our social media handle. The first graduating batch of 23 unique students from Cambridge and CBSE Board were felicitated by their parents at their homes in the presence of their school fraternity. With the graduating robes on and tassels to the right, a huge roar of success marked the arrival of Cambridge and CBSE class of 2020 to the world of opportunities and accomplishments.

It was a perfectly executed virtual event which was hosted by present 10th Grade geckos Aryaman and Varsha. They led the audience into a musical performance of the Gaudium School Song which was followed by the opening address by the CBSE Coordinator Ms Varsha Dillikar and then with the highly motivating speech by the Principal of CBSE and Cambridge – Ms Shalini Singh Hamilton. They spoke of how proud these 23 Graduates have made all of us as they have raised an important milestone of our school. The school is extremely proud of this graduating class by being a testament to their achievements, love and support received as they transit to an exciting new chapter in their lives.

The keynote speaker of the event was the esteemed Director of the school Ms Kirthi Reddy. It was a very inspirational speech in which she urged the geckos to not just run behind the goals but to make the choice of being a fulfilled contented person along with achieving their goals. She also shared her thoughts on the various lessons learnt during this ongoing mega pandemic which has taught many of us that what the future beholds is a mystery and how important is adaptability and action at the right time. She wished the Graduates the best for their future endeavours as they learnt to have the right set of life skills to be a happy life long learner, leader and a true global citizen.

The felicitation started with the Cambridge section, as the names of the Graduates were announced which was followed by the parents individually handing over the certificate and congratulating the graduating gecko, live on camera.  It was a proud event, as each and every Graduate dressed in their graduating robes being honoured by their parents. The Cambridge class topper Sai Abhijeet spoke about his journey at The Gaudium and thanked every one of his teachers, fellow students, parents, Principal and staff and how they have helped in the process of moulding him into the successful student he is now. One of the graduate’s (Kyra Cherian) mother also addressed the gathering as she spoke highly of the stupendous efforts taken by the school to ensure that the geckos perform well and develop to be all-rounders. The felicitation of the CBSE wing commenced next which was followed by the highly energetic speech by the CBSE Class topper Ms Shreya Jain. Utkarsh Daniel’s father also addressed the gathering and spoke of his pleasant experiences of being associated with the Gaudium School and how he appreciated the school’s dedicated efforts.

It was an event of not only felicitation but also merriment as the live pulsating performances on the piano and saxophone by gecko Rachit kept the audience enthralled followed by melodious singing by Jessica. The event came to a close with Ms Sunitha Indukuri proposing the vote of thanks and facilitating the school management and all the people involved in ensuring that the Graduation Ceremony, though virtual, is a massive success!


Some highlights: