Field trips supplement classroom learning. It gives an experience of collecting information and compiling them for supplementing or adding to what is being learned in classrooms. The trips are carefully planned to keep the learning objectives and the subject of study in mind so that children enjoy the trips as well as derive the desired benefits from them. The Gaudium organizes innumerable field trips aligning them suitably with the theme or topic of study that is being taught in the class. The recent field trip, on 2 August, 2019, the geckos of Grades of 8, 9 and 10 who opted for French, enjoyed was to Alliance Francaise, an organization whose objective is to teach French the way it is spoken it worldwide.

The visit was highly fruitful as the geckos got a chance to understand more about French culture. Alliance Française, Hyderabad was welcoming and proud to offer a wholesome experience to the geckos. Its huge library was comprehensive in terms of the book collection – it gives access to a wide range of French resources – over 1200 books! The library showcases segments for literature, newspapers and magazines, children’s corner and the learning library with a TV for watching French movies to improve French. The geckos enjoyed and utilised well the time they spent in the library. They interacted with the librarian who explained the details and clarified the geckos’ doubts.

The Alliance Francaise auditorium that exhibited French monuments was the next interesting spot for the geckos. The importance of the monuments related to French culture and history was explained to the geckos. The faculty of Alliance Française and the Director gave some tips to the geckos who asked questions on how to improve French language skills. This interaction gave satisfactory answers to the geckos who engaged themselves further in clarifying doubts about the grammar bits like ‘verbs’ and ‘verb conjugation’. The advice was to practice and memorize and the hardworking geckos took it seriously.

For the students, it was a great experience, learning and gathering more information about France and its language French. The geckos feel they need to visit this place again!


Some highlights: