Roald Dahl was born on 13th September, 1916 at Llandaff, Wales. Every year 13th September this day is celebrated as Roald Dahl Day worldwide. At The Gaudium we celebrated Roald Dahl’s birthday. A short biography of the author was shared in the library google classroom along with the virtual tour of Roald Dahl museum. PYP students took initiative and created cards, stories and power point presentations about the author and his works.  Roald Dahl – a spy, an ace fighter pilot, a chocolate historian and a medical inventor and an amazing storyteller and author of books like, Matilda, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Charlie and the great glass elevator, Magic finger, Fantastic Mr. Fox, BFG and many more!!!!  Dahl’s books involved imagination and fantasy and were humorous too. His first book for children was ‘The Gremlins’. One of his most loved books is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.


Some highlights: