The International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day is observed globally on 21st September annually, ever since the United Nations decided this date to be the date when across the world everyone would work to commit themselves to ‘Peace’ above all differences and contribute to the essential requirement of building a culture of peace. In the face of the pandemic, the International Day of Peace is vindicated by celebrating the virtues of kindness, compassion and hope, nevertheless urging everyone to stand strong against any discriminatory or hatred-inducing attempts of using the virus and creating intolerance.

The high school geckos put up a marvellous show virtually celebrating this International Day of Peace at their respective morning assemblies. The geckos gave a splendid cultural performance with the recitation of poems, singing famous songs and enacting skits- all of which makes one ponder on humanity, equality and loving each other for a better world. The timeless classic songs- ‘Heal the World’- by Michael Jackson and ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon speaks about a beautiful world with acceptance and equality for one and all where everyone would live in peace. These soulful songs never cease from bringing out immense emotions each and every time one listens to and adheres to the beautiful subject of humanity, peace and a beautiful one world of all, advocating equality and peace. Though it may seem utopian, it is something that the day specifically reminds every one of us to aim for, to persevere for and look forward to.  Hence while we celebrate World Peace Day virtually amidst the pandemic, staying at home, we celebrate and keep the compassion, kindness and hope very much alive. We condemn discrimination, hatred and inequality and will persevere till the world is really a peaceful world for all to live in.

The geckos enacted out an innovative skit where they played the roles of the three famous Secretary -Generals of the United Nations. Their hard work and their immense achievements in the context of world peace enlightened the audience as everyone was thrilled to find out how dynamic and courageous these leaders have been in the time of necessity and have risked their lives for the betterment of humanity and for peace to prevail in the world. The audience came to understand that each one of us has to be a little bit more resolute, more patient and keep working hard relentlessly until the goal is achieved. We truly look forward to living in a peaceful world. The curriculum coordinators also addressed the audience valiantly in which they spoke about the true meaning of peace and how everyone should uphold its value and persevere for it wherever it is missing. On such an inspiring note, the session was concluded leaving the geckos enkindled, motivated and positive for a better and peaceful world for one and all.


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