A career webinar was organized virtually on 23rd January 2020 by a group of five Japanese universities for the students of The Gaudium School. The session included the details from the reputed Universities of Japan, viz- Temple University, Nagoya University, NUCB University, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Ritsumeikan University. The session provided the geckos with very significant points and details on studying in Japan. From admission requirements to popular programs, fee and scholarship related details, everything was highlighted very well. The dilemma of students when it comes to studying in Japan/abroad were clarified well as they busted myths and highlighted several present offerings. The fact that these universities offer degrees in English, and many of them even have dual degree programs, where one can pursue studies for 2 years in Japan and then transfer to an associated university in another country also came to be known. The webinar was concluded with an open house round and vote of thanks.

The session was a very interesting and informative one where the high school students and parents received necessary information regarding higher studies. Thus, opening wide their choices and options to pursue in the near future. The career counselling team at The Gaudium works incessantly to help shape the future of the students and support them with the necessary guidance.


Key highlights: