Career counselling helps identify the real potential in a student and guides to aim for the career which is the most suitable for a student. It benefits the students in understanding the career options that they have and how to pursue them. It assists them to understand their own strengths and weaknesses with regard to their present course or profession and lets them know what career they would be best suited for. It not only gives them a platform to voice their opinion about what they would like to pursue, but also gives an opportunity to discuss the obstacles that they may be worried about.

At The Gaudium, we believe these career sessions to be very beneficial. The school career counsellor Ms. Mahitha Sammeta organized a career counselling session on 27th January 2021 with Grade IX students to help them understand the importance of Academics and how to build their profile. Grade IX being the nascent stage where the young geckos start their career planning road map, this session found the participants to be very excited and eager. This session provided a detailed overview of the College applications and the admissions requirements in both India and abroad. The students were suggested to commence their preparations for the entrance examinations and were given sound guidance on how they can build their profile well even during this pandemic situation. They became aware of the various online platforms present which can sharpen their skills through courses available on online learning portals. Several points regarding profile building were shared with instances of TEDx Talks, MUNs, sports and performing arts; and students understood the significance of extra-curricular activities’ experience when it comes to college admissions. The students at The Gaudium have been getting exposure to several informative career webinars which have helped them in selecting the university, gain knowledge of scholarship opportunities and also have their queries answered by the university admission officers (across the globe).

The geckos of Grade IX had a productive session of profile building as they gained much clarity on the matter and we look forward to each of our aspiring champions emerge with flying colours.


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