Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.

The high school students of The Gaudium School not only learn French, but they also get incredible opportunities of experiencing the real-life culture of the French. A virtual tour was organized on 8th January 2021 where the geckos had a beautiful trip to the city of Lyon in France all at the comfort and company of their classmates and teachers through their virtual classrooms. It was an incredible first-hand experience of visibly sight-seeing the city and soaking in the culture through the extremely warm and lively zoom call.

The virtual trip was conducted by Mr. Harbinder Mehra, CEO of Le Frehindi, Paris; which was founded with the aim to promote and spread awareness of being a global citizen in the 21st century. Mr. Mehra took the students through the streets of Lyon, France. During the session, students were guided through streets, departmental stores, butchery & wine shops, cycle stands and a government building followed by a question-answer session.

This field trip provided students with a real-world perspective to concepts discussed in the class as well as provided them with a platform to acquire a global perspective which will enable them to be International minded and Global leaders of tomorrow. During this activity, students explored French culture from close proximity and they learned about the local culture of Lyon city in terms of eating habits, lifestyles, behaviour attributes, conventions, norms and practices followed by natives. They also came to know about the functioning of local body structure there.

The students were curious to know more and were asking many questions to seek out for additional information. It is evident that the trip helped students to learn the French culture by discussing and interacting with the native speakers. Fostering global awareness and international collaborations help in developing more rounded individuals and encourage the students to see things from different perspectives. Skills acquired from events like these remain for life as they develop strong global perspectives through their engagement in such impactful activities.


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