The Gaudium ushered in the morning of 15th August 2020 in a spectacular virtual Independence Day celebration by the high school wing which was captured live on our social media platforms.

The event was presented by Venkata Rahul and Veronica Sircar who led the audience to pay homage to our motherland and witness a beautiful Independence Day. The programme commenced with the virtual unfurling of the National Flag and everyone rising up to sing the National Anthem which was led by our Grade 6 gecko Anandi singing live. That was followed by a classical melody by Grade 6 Ashritha, a trained classical singer. The Principal of Cambridge International and CBSE, Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton addressed the audience and conveyed the warmest greetings to everyone present in the celebration. She spoke on the journey of India as a nation and how India as a hub for education has been there from ancient times to post Independence times and the very recent times. She also spoke about the five pillars of the Gaudium Happy Minds Model which is the school’s philosophy to help shape the students become leaders of tomorrow and true citizens of the future.

The revelry continued with Kriti of Grade 9 singing the revered song ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha’. It was a moment of pride to acknowledge that we had with ourselves Brigadier Rajiv Williams as the Chief Guest who is not only the proud recipient of many prestigious awards and medals, a retired decorated army officer, but also a prolific orator, writer and a devout patriot. His addressal to the gathering was a highly uplifting one where he stated from the National Anthem indicating how important it is to protect our environment, land and water for us and for the future citizens to cherish. Deriving from his own experiences of serving the nation and thereby protecting the land of our motherland, he inspired all to rise up to action whenever there is an opportunity. He praised the five developmental pillars of the Gaudium’s ‘Happy Minds Model’ and motivated the students to become young leaders of tomorrow.  He also expressed his happiness for this innovative idea of celebrating Independence Day virtually, which has become the new normal.

The celebrations revelry continued with melodious musical performances by the high school geckos Prerana and Praval, Jessica and Jerusha, and energetic dance performances on patriotic tunes by Abhista and Hiya. The program came to a wrap with everyone standing up for the Gaudium Anthem led on the screen by Krithi. Mr. Prithvi Sinha, the Head of the English Department, concluded the high school Independence Day celebrations by giving a vote of thanks to everyone involved in the wonderfully executed spectacular event.


Some highlights: