Our geckos very enthusiastically completed their first Unit of Inquiry “Advertisement” on, 27th July in the final stage of Inquiry “In Action”, Geckos had put up a juice and sandwich stall by advertising about their products in the entire school. It was a “Cause marketing” where our Geckos donated the amount collected towards charity. They carried their banners, sang jingles, distributed flyers and made announcements with drums & sandwich man.

Geckos self designed and created their banners & flyers and explained the key concepts associated with their ACTION to the PYP coordinator.

Geckos were very pro-active, co-operative and responsible in the preparation of their stalls. They made sandwiches, lemonade and orange juice for around 200 people in 3 hours (DIY) and were very meticulous in setting up the tables, arranging things and took ownership at every stage.

It was an honor for the Geckos when our Director, Mrs.Keerthi and Principal, Mrs. Hema Surapaneni inaugurated their stalls. The power of advertising was evident by the crowd that turned up for the event. It was a grand success and the geckos handed over the collection to our principal in the school assembly towards their own ‘Geckos Fund’. We, as mentors were extremely proud of our geckos for planning and executing such an amazing event.

Our Geckos learnt about KHO-KHO, a tag game from the Indian subcontinent which has lost its popularity. A kho-kho league was formed and the geckos advertised about it in the entire campus. Thus, our grade 5 Geckos revived the lost game by their action. They created the banners and flyers, put up a kiosk during the event to market the game and registrations were open for students to join the league. Our Geckos have collected the names and they are going to teach the game to all the members of the league. They also planned to group the registered members into teams and conduct competition for more encouragement. They became excellent entrepreneurs and event organizers during this whole event.


Some key highlights: