Brinjal is one of the most common vegetables grown throughout the country. Brinjal is the native of India and Sri Lanka. It is a member of the Solanaceae family and is closely related to tomato and potato. Aubergine is the British name for brinjal in United States, Australia and Canada.

Nursery have their “Lines of Inquiry – Vegetables”, and so the facilitators of nursery showcased a story of brinjal to make them familiar with the vegetables.

STUDENT ACTION: The geckos were able to identify the vegetable and its nutrients. The children enjoyed watching the story enacted by the teachers and acquired knowledge on farming and how vegetables are used to prepare delicious curries.

LEARNING OUTCOME: The geckos enjoyed the skit played by the teacher’s and have understood the importance of vegetables in our day to day life. They have discussed about the benefits of having a healthy food like vegetables. The geckos also were told about the curries made out of brinjal to make them aware of its usage and importance. The geckos also were able to identify the different colours the vegetable “Brinjal” exists in.

FACILITATOR: Nursery Teachers

EVENT COORDINATOR: Mrs. Pooja Kolambe and Mrs. Tehseen Sajjida.


Some photos of the event: