The fruit is delicious and nutritious in nature. They grow on plants as they are food prepared by plants. Fruits are naturally low in calories. Any food that develops from a flower and contains one or more seeds is a fruit however a vegetable is a stem root or leaf of a plant.

STUDENT ACTION:The geckos made fruit salad as part of their line of inquiry which was “Fruits”.

Geckos came along with a fruit to school and learnt how to peel and cut them to prepare a fruit salad. As each gecko brought a different fruit, they mixed all the fruits and enjoyed making the fruit salad.

LEARNING OUTCOME:The geckos enthusiastically  learnt how to peel and  cut a fruit, they also prepared a fruit salad by co-operating with their mates.They acquired knowledge about the fruits and their benefits.The geckos were also able to identify different fruits and discussed on each fruit and its advantages.

FACILITATORS: Nursery Teachers.

EVENT COORDINATOR: Mrs. Tehseen Sajjida.


Some ‘delicious’ moments: