Grade 2 and 3 Geckos are involved in the transdisciplinary theme of “ Who we are”; under this theme they are exploring about families and relationships. Hence we invited a guest Mrs. Preeta Joshi a retired teacher by profession and grandparent to two lovely grandkids of her own to share her personal experiences as a grandma.

Guest talk: Mrs. Joshi was thrilled to be a part of the class as it reminded of her yesteryears as a teacher.  For a change, the kids welcomed her warm elderly presence too. Mrs. Joshi started talking to the kids by sharing her childhood stories, her school and professional life. She explained that better life and job opportunities are making people/families move away from their roots as they migrate from one place to another. She also talked about the changes in the traditional age old from of living in Joint families that builds a strong support system to its members in need. These days it is more of nuclear families with no bonds, attachment to siblings or family connections.

Student Actions and Learning Outcomes:Students were imbibing her talk as they keenly  listened to her stories and experiences.Geckos understood that life/ living has changed with time. They learnt the different family structures joint vs nuclear, the value of each family system, the relationships in which how members provide support and shapes an individual as a social being.


Photos of the talk: