The Gaudium School organised a virtual guest talk for the geckos of Grades 6-8 of the CBSE and CI curriculum under its segment of Talking Titans- an initiative to inspire greatness and to inspire the geckos to constantly strive for excellence. A one-of-a-kind endeavour to rekindle a venerable bond between ‘Man and Animals’ was undertaken, where the esteemed guests Dr. Shashank Kamble, a renowned Veterinary Doctor and a Young gun, Ms. Aura expressed the importance and impact of empathy towards animals. Dr. Shashank emphasised on how having a pet makes us complete, along with various nuggets of information on pet care, training, and working for animals.

Dr. Shashank Kamble, a veterinary dermatologist, with immense experience in the field of animal care and well-being, welcomed the geckos of The Gaudium introducing his adorable Persian cat, Shih Tzu, a turtle and a pigeon to everyone. He clearly outlined how important it is to have the presence of a pet in each of our lives. They not only bring tremendous love, joy, affection and humor to our lives, but also scientifically enhance human lives psychologically, socially, emotionally, and also physically. The phenomenon of this animal-human bond results in magic – enhancing cognitive development, self-esteem, stress reduction, and many positive changes from the unconditional and impartial love that pets provide.

It was a knowledge-packed session as he shared valuable knowledge on how to choose a suitable pet, systematic ways of caring well, busting various myths about dogs and cats, sharing pet-friendly grooming advice, and many more.

Young gun Aura, a student herself, portrayed her journey as an animal lover, shared her insight on how animals can change lives for good and why each of us should foster empathy for all animals irrespective of their breed. Her extensive work in the field of animal care, rescuing, and fostering in spite of her young age, speaks volumes of her achievements and empathy. She spends her birthdays fostering at animal shelters and is actively involved with an animal rescue organisation. Ms. Aura eloquently outlined balancing her studies and hobbies along with this boundless passion by effective time management and following a time-table. Her avant-garde perspective and prodigious love for all animals gave a fresh facet for the geckos to wonder and reflect.

It was a session that kept the audience excited and filled with awe as the deeds of the guest speakers did much more than inspire them; it took them to experience the magical bond of pure love and indulge in acts of compassion towards animals.


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