Enthusiastic geckos of grade 3, equipped with cameras and binoculars, took part in the bird watching event near Kollur  on Monday

[14.03.16] to identify and learn about birds. The primary aim of the event was to sensitize geckos about the environment and promote its conservation. It is an opportunity for young geckos to observe the rich flora and fauna in and around Hyderabad. The geckos watched different types of local birds. The geckos were given the basics of ornithology and taught how to identify local birds by their characteristic features. Some of the local birds identified by the geckos were green bee eater, Purple sun bird, Drongo, Black winged kite, White breasted kingfisher, common kingfisher, rock dove, laughing dove, Little egret, peacock, cattle egret  and Indian roller.

Coordinator: Mrs. Jennifer


Some moments from the ‘event’: