PP2 geckos dynamically performed the theatre act and have enacted the birds and rats.Geckos genuinely exhibited their expressions during enacting the play. They have been very observant towards animals and hence have demonstrated accurate actions of characters played. Each one of them were cooperative and have been tolerant as they were draped in long clothes to appear as birds with their long wings. Children enthusiastically  performed and learnt the significance of being united and teamwork.

LEARNING OUTCOME: The geckos intensively participated and enjoyed the theatre show. They realised the significance and how important it is to maintain good relations with everyone.Geckos acquired information that animals also have a language to speak and they also do love and affection which leads to maintain good relationships and friendship. As the theatre act was how all the birds flew away taking the net along wouldn’t have been possible if only one bird had done it. It was overall a fun learning for children and they retrieved  perspectives on animal feelings and togetherness. The act primarily had a message on significance of being united which was absolutely ingrained in the geckos.

Coordinators: Home Room Teachers