Grade 1 & 2 geckos had a prolific session during the guest talk by Mr. K.M.V Prashant, the Civil Site Engineer of The Gaudium School.  Mr. Prashant who did his M.Tech in Civil Engineering gave a Power Point Presentation on the topic “Houses,” which is in tune with their POI topic. Through this talk our geckos gained an in-depth knowledge on the topic, Mr. Prashant touched upon five core points; Shelter, Different Homes, Types of Houses, Building Materials and Labeling a House. The talk turned to be an enriching experience for our geckos as Mr. Prashant discussed about the topic extensively. He talked about how houses are built according to the technical requirements of a place or location. What was rewarding was that it turned out to be less of a lecture and more of a discussion as our geckos also contributed to it, our inquisitive and enthusiastic geckos poured out all information that they had accumulated from the learning that they have been doing.  Our geckos also got a visual treat from the various graphics that were in display through the PPt., which further broadened their knowledge.

Speaker: Mr. K.M.V. Prashanth


Some moments from the talk: