Respect is felt when given and taken. It is the value that we give someone or to ourselves. We evaluate people on different aspects considering many factors, and decide the respect they deserve. However, our decisions may have societal and familial influences. For children, ‘respect’ is a term they hear frequently. They are advised and taught to respect parents, elders, teachers, etc. When it comes to self-respect, children finds it difficult to define. It is important for children to understand the significance of respecting others and what self-respect is as their behaviour and interactions thus can be refined.

On 19 August 2019, students of Grade 6 CBSE and CAIE attended an awareness session that explored three areas of respect – self-respect, respect for others and other people’s respect for you. The session was taken by Ms Mythili Balaji, Manager, Learning and Development and Ms Varsha Dillikar, CBSE coordinator.

Through many interesting activities the students were made to realise the importance of self-respect. They were made to sing a song on ‘respect’ which they enjoyed the most. They understood how important it is to be tolerant of each other and respect individual differences. They were asked to depict the notion of respect in their own words, what it meant for them, and were asked to frame essential agreements for the class.

The takeaway for the geckos was “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.”


Some highlights: