1500 years ago an Indian taught the world to count.

That great man was Aryabhatta who invented zero, one of the greatest inventions in the field of Mathematics.

 In honour of the great mathematician astronomer Aryabhatta, a ganit challenge was conducted by CBSE.  It is important that students apply mathematical concepts, facts, procedures and reasoning to solve mathematically formulated problems to obtain mathematical conclusions and to  interpret them in the context of real-life problems. To promote these competencies among students through joyful assessment, Aryabhatta Ganit Challenge was conducted in the school successfully. Geckos from grade 8-10 participated in this challenge. All geckos from these grades were encouraged to participate in Āryabhaṭa Ganit Challenge as it gives an excellent opportunity to identify and nurture Mathematical skills and potential of students.The geckos wrote a written test as a part of this challenge. The best three students (Netan-Grade10 ,Karthik and Hiya-Grade 9) were selected for stage 2 of this challenge, which was conducted on 29th November’19. They wrote an online test. The results are awaited.


Key moments: