Arts Integration allows us to build chefs who make choices- not cooks who merely follow the recipe.Susan Riley (Arts Integration Specialist)

A professional development session – “Art Integration-A Learning Pathway Towards Equity in Education” was conducted by Sankalp Sahodya in a ground-breaking initiative to infuse the CBSE curriculum with creative vitality. The session was moderated by Dr Pragya Singh, Joint Secretary, CBSE and we were very fortunate to be a part of it.

Art Integrated Learning is a model which is based on learning ‘through the arts’ and ‘with the arts’: It is a process wherein art becomes the medium of acquiring skills, a key to understanding concepts across multiple subject areas. Learners explore creatively while building connections between a variety of concepts through numerous art forms. Art involvements, both in visual (drawing and painting, clay modelling, pottery, paper crafts, mask and puppet making, heritage crafts etc.) and performing arts (music, dance, theatre, puppetry etc.) lead to a lasting understanding and coherent construction of knowledge.

We, at Gaudium, believe in empowering our students with the competencies to understand, analyze, evaluate, interpret and innovate various real-life situations. The CBSE faculty is now empowered to integrate art forms in their regular classroom transactions and the results are quite evident. Classrooms have transformed into a creative space, where imagination reigns supreme. Students have the freedom to explore, experience and express their points of view from manifold angles. Consequently, diverse learning needs are effortlessly addressed. It has indeed set the stage to perceive the joys of learning.