Career counselling helps the students to understand the career options that they have and how to pursue them. It helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses with regard to their present course or profession and lets them know what career they would be best suited for. Career counselling gives them a platform to voice their opinion about what they would like to pursue, as well as discuss the obstacles that they may be worried about. At the Gaudium, we believe the one-to-one career counselling sessions are very important. Consequently, our school career counsellor Ms Mahitha have organized these individual sessions with the students disseminating information on country-wise applications and entrance exams that students need to take and a chalking out timelines to achieve their goals.

With these one-to-one sessions, students gain knowledge about university requirements and the admission procedures for both Indian and abroad Universities. By attending these sessions, the students are aware of the importance of academic performance, how to build their profile by attending virtual extra and co-curricular activities. The students found these individual career counselling sessions very informative and knowledgeable

Additionally, career webinars have been organized to help them in selecting the university, gain knowledge on scholarship opportunities and have their queries answered by the university admission officers (across the globe).

The students of Grade 12 have already started the process of college applications and are ready to apply. Parents and students got the necessary knowledge about the various country-wise requirements and timelines that they need to follow.


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