In The Gaudium, School each individual focuses on a holistic learning in a manner that is joyful for each one. Keeping its vision in mind, of enabling each child to blossom with inner tools for lifelong learning, to bring about joy in all his or her endurance, the school of Joy is proud to be associated with the Chairman of Learning Forward India, Mr Sandeep Dutt. We had the privilege of having Mr Dutt amongst us on 27th and 28th June 2018 as a School Coach.

This two-day visit of Mr Dutt had and will continue to have an unending outcome with The Gaudium School. He guided each and every unit of the Gaudium family to sculpt happy minds.

On the first day of his visit, he started off by addressing the leaders of the school, understanding that the leaders are the torchbearers who by their light of guidance will attain the vision of the School. Then after, Mr Dutt paid his visit to all the classrooms for class observations, he met all the Geckos and Staff to understand the learning and teaching pedagogy. As he went through each classroom, he left behind more interactive and smiling faces.

On 27th June, to celebrate World Environment Day, the school had it’s 31 little visitors with their facilitators from Borapatla village for the Art Fest. It was a joyful event for the students of our school and The Mandal Parishad to sit together in the harmony of nature, exchanging their views on the topic “Environment” and presenting individually their masterpiece on the canvas provided. Geckos interacted with the students of Borapatla exhibiting empathetic nature and lots of positive attitudes. The interaction between the students of the two schools was a source of motivation for them. Mr Dutt in his words to the students of Borapatla shared the mantra of Joy and progress in life. Next was the interaction of Mr Dutt with the Geckos of grade 5 to grade 10. He addressed the Geckos and told them that happiness thrives in the heart of each individual and it is the reflection of his own self that each one sees in the world around him. He shared in his words that Education gets its real meaning through Sports, Service, Skill and Studies and to imbibe each to its fullest by accepting it as a Fun to life. His entire concept was to have a happy teaching, as happy teaching leads to happy learning.

In his words, he also shared that Gaudium has been succeeding in this concept. He was immensely happy about the steady footsteps put forward by the school for the same and motivated each one to work hard towards it. He shared about his plan of visiting the school every month to guide and assist towards its vision.

On the second day of his visit, he organised sessions for the facilitators, wherein he shared his action plan with them putting each one into a group of seven. The facilitators shared about The Gaudium school they envision to have, and they were asked to mention anyone value they would like to nurture in themselves and the students. Tips were shared by him on how the groups must go about with their planning. He discussed with the staff as for how Schools can Change by building up a system for Innovative School, increasing students’ learning. According to him, the main focus must be on the right leadership, vision, culture and relationship in school. He emphasised on Whole Faculty Study Group (WFSG) wherein the teachers will have 90 hours of structured and unstructured professional development each year. He put forward his experience about the small school that Fab India has in Bali and about its success.   After conducting the sessions with the facilitators, Mr Dutt also spoke to the non- teaching staff explaining to them their role to build up a School of Joy.

In a nutshell, it was a very informative and joyful rendezvous every individual at the school had with Mr. Dutt to learn, unlearn and relearn as we walk towards making The Gaudium School one of the best in the country.


About Mr. Sandeep Dutt :

Mr. Dutt is an Educationist, Bookseller, Runner, Mountaineer and a Social Entrepreneur. As the National Director of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, he worked for building a curriculum for enabling young people to equip for life and set in place a sustainable model for youth empowerment. As CEO designate for the Indian Plumbing Skills Council, Sandeep worked closely with the National Skills Development Council (NSDC) to set up and frame policy guidelines for the plumbing industry. His work for the International Award for Young People (IAYP) has been widely acknowledged all over the world. He has also Authored books like the Guide to Good Schools of India and Guide to Schools of Doon. He has had the opportunity to travel all over the world; has been invited to industry, government, social sector and education sector presentations for exchanging views; and has contributed to policymaking. His mission is to ‘help schools deliver better’, with a focus on building professional learning communities at schools.  


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