At Gaudium Professional development is given a very essential platform for every teacher to be on the path of Life long learning. Every month our teachers undergo mandatory hours of trainings and self development workshops that equip them to further hone their current knowledge and experience to customize to the requirement of the school learning environment.

The Learning and Development department of Gaudium identifies the needs for professional development. After a month long engaging time with Geckos at school, it was also the need for teachers to go through   an unwinding session which is both fun and learning. Teachers were given a book reading task on “7 Habits of effective teachers” by Stephen covey which was designed as a workshop module aimed to build team spirit and connect to the needs of our Young Geckos.

On 30th August , teachers were engaged in the full day session planned with energizers, team building activity, creative presentations that connected to the book review activity. The outcome was beautiful and extremely creative and the teachers left back with fresh spirits to start yet another engaging month .

It was a Wonderful training to create a generation of educators who will go to their schools and communities to spread peace and the value of awareness of their actions and thoughts as individuals and humanity as a whole.


Some highlights: