The geckos of grade 3 G presented the day’s assembly, which was a reflection and depiction of the learning in the unit of inquiry about culture. With Dusshera around the corner, the geckos were ready to share the story and dance!

Rithwik conducted the assembly, which began with sharing the ‘thought of the day’ by Srivasthav- ” Success comes in cans and not in can’ts.  Suhas and Raqib confidently shared the national and sports news.

The geckos presented a skit about the story of Dusshera, Lord Rama’s story and Mahisasura.

Kaarthikeya shared information about the importance of and celebrations of Bathukamma. The presentation ended with a garba dance performance!

PYP Principal presented Minal and Prisha of grade 5 with a trophy and medal for their outstanding performance in Tennis and Table tennis respectively. Minal is the champion at the IB PYP Hyderbad Network Tennis Fest while Prisha won a gold medal at the SGFI tournament cum selection in Table Tennis.

The assembly concluded with a quick sharing of information about  student led conference- Who is it for? How are we prepared for it? What are we going to do tomorrow? The students also shared their feedback about the assembly presentation.


Some higlights: