Yoga is a practice for many and for some, a form of exercise that unites mind and body in symphony. It has been gaining dwindling popularity in recent years, though it is said to have been originated in India, thousands of years ago. There are different forms of yoga which offer numerous health benefits. On 11 December 2014, 21 June was declared as the International Yoga Day by the United Nations’ General Assembly.

People, from the ancient times have been practicing Yoga to heal their mind and body. The idea of dedicating a specific day as the International Yoga Day and thereby making it popular across the globe was called for by  Mr Narendra Modi, the honourable incumbent Prime Minister of India.

In The Gaudium International School, we celebrated Yoga Day to propagate the substantial health benefits of practicing yoga regularly. The principals, Mrs. Vani Reddy, Mr. Prabhakar Reddy and Mr. Shanmugam Paramasivan lighted the ceremonious lamp to mark the start of the celebrations. Following which the Yoga Trainer explained the history of yoga. A performance of different asanas by geckos and the teachers together surely urged geckos to make yoga the way of their life and reap its benefits lifelong. More than that, the celebration lured them to a positively charged lifestyle that enhances the level of physical and mental well-being through daily yoga.


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