Reading stories to young children has a lasting effect as it not only helps them to grow as an individual, but also exposes them to a larger vocabulary, develops an innate sense of understanding, inculcates creativity, and stimulates the mind. To help young children develop a love for reading, there is no other better way than reading out loud

World Read Aloud Day is about celebrating the power of reading aloud. It encourages children and adults to grab a book, find an audience and read aloud! The event is now celebrated by over 173 countries around the world. World Read Aloud Day is held annually in the first week of February. This year was  the 14th annual World Read Aloud Day. It was created by a non-profit organization called Lit World with the aim of bringing people and communities together through the power of words.

At The Gaudium the teacher librarians of PYP  collaborated and read the stories for PYP students. The students enjoyed listening to the read aloud done by their teacher  librarians. The students shared their reflections after the read aloud.


Some highlights: