The students at The Gaudium are actively involved and engaged in the Inquiry process to take ownership of their learning. Students deepen their understanding by exploring, solving problems and reflecting. A group of 14 students from IBDP1 were part of a medical camp organized by  The Hyderabad Foundation of Deaf Women, Ameerpet, in association with Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute which was a Health Screening Camp for Dumb and Deaf Women on 12th Feb in Vignana Jyoti Public school,Madhura nagar,  between 9:00 am-4:00 pm.

The DP students have done a wonderful job by supporting the team of doctors and guiding patients for the medical tests. They  were involved in registering and issuing medical cards,guiding the patients as per the doctor’s availability,recording the names of medicines issued to the patients, taking them towards the X-ray room etc.  They received accolades for their spirit of  service. These smaller steps taken will evolve as individuals of highest stature who are balanced global citizens.

Some highlights: