The Gaudium School’s Learning and Development department organized a  workshop for the teachers of Early-years and PYP of IB on “Mindfulness” on 17 August 2019. This one-day workshop was filled with engaging and enriching activities that were aimed to facilitate mindfulness towards one’s self and others.

Yoga and meditation are familiar practices that humans follow for physical and mental wellbeing. Emotions and feelings sometimes overrule our life and we take hasty decisions driven by emotions. Taking decisions diligently and reining emotions, as and when required, can be successfully achieved when we are aware and conscious of what we experience by our senses. When we bring that awareness, we are being mindful. Practising mindfulness helps obtain self-control, self-mastery and self-discipline.

For teachers, it is very essential to be mindful. Their actions, words and demeanour should be exemplary and positive as they spend a considerable amount of time with students. Students look up to them and try to emulate them. Being mindful helps teachers to stay and act balanced and matured.

The team of teachers enjoyed the first unwinding activity dancing to the tunes of Zumba. This was followed by an experiential learning session that had hands-on activities for the teachers. This experiential session put teachers through some thought-provoking scenarios where they felt and experienced all the emotions.  This was extremely useful, and the teachers would take this model to be practised in their day-to-day classroom interactions and intellectual transactions.


Some pics: