“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it”

We did an engaging workshop with the teachers of The Gaudium IB Early Years and PYP on the topic “Mindfulness“ recently and now it is encouraging to see the activities the team did in the workshop are getting incorporated in their daily class routine. Effectivity of an initiative is accomplished or seen when home and school work hand in hand to provide the child with a holistic experience of learning. Promoting this thought into action, a session on “Mindfulness for the Parents” was organized on 7th September 2019 at The Gaudium, Nanakramguda Campus.

The session received an overwhelming response from the parents. They went through an experiential session which introduced simple yet effective activities that could be implemented at home as daily routines. The activities were both energizing and engaging. Starting with  Zumba to pep up the spirits of the parents, they were engaged further with activities such as Mindful walking, Mindful eating, Mindful conversations, creative time and many more.

The result of the intrinsically designed workshop was seen all through the activities the participants took part and we are confident that many of these hands-on activities will be included in their routine by our thoughtful parent.  We are grateful to the parents for taking their time out from their busy schedule for mindful insights – which make our belief stronger that together we would be mindful in raising Healthy Minds of the future.

A video highlight of the event:

Some highlights: