With the start of the new academic year, the geckos were all excited to get back to their classes and teachers, though it was through a digital platform. The teachers are using the digital platform in a creative and constructive way to give the learners the real classroom experience. The subject – ‘drama’ being one such very interesting and unique subjects taught here in The Gaudium is not left out. The drama facilitator Mr. Sandeep Sahu has designed the learning space very creatively to stimulate the familiar drama class environment which the learners are used to in the physical classroom. Dressing up in character also revved up the curiosity of the geckos instantly.

Though virtually, the learners see their teacher engage in the drama lessons in a similar creative stimulation with an attractive on-theme background. To revive the connection with the subject, the teacher introduced an imaginary character called Mr. Pradeep or Mr. Ching Chong on the first day of the class. The imaginary character eased the geckos to open up as they developed an immediate liking to the character. The familiar and the charismatic actions of the Drama teacher who strives to deliver learning wrapped in a special, attractive, and the expressive feature is bound to make the geckos smile!

The learners were excited to meet their Drama teacher and get back to their fun learning sessions be it in the digital space!


Some highlights: