This current pandemic situation of COVID -19 has made all of us techno-savvy, especially the educators.

We all are taking virtual classes not only for homerooms but also for all single subjects. As we are moving towards agentic learning where teachers are in partnership with students, and hence providing opportunities where students can take ownership of their learning.  To achieve the same, we give opportunities to the students where they can decide their own success criteria for each learning engagement.

Through the library class, we tried to do the same and to our surprise, the students came up with their own success criteria for the read-aloud session, they shared that after the read-aloud “We think, we should be able to understand and retell the story to our parents in our own words”. Another grade came up with the different success criteria which are- after the read-aloud, “We should be able to reflect what was the story and how were the characters in the story”.

As we all are lifelong learners, it is important to believe in self-development, self-efficacy, and self-renewal. The journey of teaching and learning becomes more beautiful when we involve our students in each and every learning engagement as partners.


Some pics: